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ACME : Magazine et site sur les technologies musicales  
Clavia Nord Modular Les 3 versions disponibles  
Rhodes Chroma  
Synth Museum  
The Juno 106 connection  
Vintage Sound  
Drum Machine  
Super JX-10P / MKS-70 Synthesizer homepage  
Vintage Synth  
01W - Introduction To Sequencing  
01W - Online Guide  
01W - Supremacy's 01W Page  
01W, 03W, 05W, N264/N364 Editors  
02R Advanced Page  
A-100 Mailing List  
A3 Mailing List  
A3000 - Teklab Forums  
A4 Mailing List  
A4000 & A5000 FAQ Board  
A90 Review  
A90EX Page  
ADAT - LX-20 Type II ADAT  
ADAT Upgrades  
Akai S01 Sysex Info  
Alesis Reviews - Intermusic  
Alesis Synth Forum  
Alpha Juno 2 Mailing List  
Archive Sound  
ARP Synths  
ARP Technoloy  
Articles By Don Tillman  
ASR-10 Crosswinds  
ASR-10/TS10 - Ptizza Production Studio  
ASR-X - Dgoa's Page  
ASR-X Mailing List  
Audio Technical Information  
Audionaut Manager Patches  
Audity 2000 Mailing List  
Audity 2000 Website  
Bass Emporium  
Bass Station - Chris Scurrah's Patches  
Bass Station - Dis Location's Page  
Bit 01 - Phantom Tweaker  
Bit-99 Manual -  
Celebration Studios  
Chronicles Of Heaven  
Clavia At Sonicstate  
Complete K2000/2500  
Cool Keys Page  
Core Review  
Crumar Mailing List  
CS6x Website  
CZ Series - Temple of CZ  
CZ Series Club  
CZ-1 - Karl Schmidt's Midi Software  
D-Series - SysEx  
D-Series/L/A Synth - Lugnuts  
D50 - FMD Studio - Patches  
DB Musical Electronics  
Ddrum Australia  
DH-100 Digital Horn Fingering  
DigiSteve's 2120 Domain  
Digitech RP-100 Users Forum  
Digitech RP2000 Users Forum  
DMX Files  
Driver Version 1.12 pour Akaï MPC2000 XL  
DS Soundware  
DS-8 NetCenter  
DSP 128+ Reference  
DSS-1 Page  
DW-8000 Page  
DX-7 & TX7 Page  
E-Music DIY Manuals Archive  
Echoplex Digital Pro  
Effects Database  
Electribe - La Tribu Electrique  
Emax 1 - Carsten's Hompage  
Emax Headquarters  
Emax I and II info  
Emulator Archive  
ENSONIQ Resources on the Internet  
EPS -Elson's EPS Swap Site  
EPS16+/ASR10 - Carthego  
Equinox Players Site  
Equinox Synth Workstation  
ESi2000 Review / Intermusic  
ESi32 And 4000 Mailing List  
ESI4000 Review  
Fatman Mods  
Finish Uni & Research FTP  
FM Music  
FTP Search for K2000 Sounds  
FZ-1 - Andreas' FZ-1 Page  
FZ-1 - FZ Dump  
FZ-1 - Noteit's FZ-1 Page  
FZ-1 Sound Files  
FZ-1 Users Shareware Collection  
G-800 Site  
Gadgetworld Digitech Page  
GP-100 Web  
GP-100 Web Site  
GR-30 Page  
GSP Users' Archive Page  
GSP-2101 Patches  
GSP-2101 Technical Info  
GSP-2101-FAQ at Harmony Central  
GT-3 Users Page  
GT-5 Page  
GX-700 Page  
Günter Matejicek's Piano Archives  
Harmony Central's Moog Reviews  
Harmony Central's Reviews  
Harmony's User Reviews  
i-30s Forum  
Intermusic Synth Reviews  
IOTech Vintage Synth Patches  
JD-800 Page  
Jen Sx-1000 (Synthetone)  
Juno 106 information  
Jussi's Place  
JV-1080 Patches Download  
JV-80 Homepage  
JV1000 Site  
K1000/1200 Retro Review  
K150 Fourier Synthesizer  
K2000 - Emulator's Patches  
K2000 - Lund Institute FTP  
K2000 Expander  
K4 & K1 - Synthesite 2000  
K4/K4R Mailing List  
K4/K4R Sounds - Synthetic-Sounds  
K5 Page  
K5000 - Hans Nicander's K5K Page  
K5000 - Tips And Techniques  
K5000 Classic Patches  
K5000 Morf Tutorial  
K5000 Resource Page - Wizoo  
K5000s Patch Archive  
KAT - Alternate Mode  
Kawai K3  
Kawai USA  
Kenton MIDI Retrofits  
Keyboard Master Pro KeyboardMasterSetup.exe  
KN Series - Gunnar Jonny's Website  
KN-3000 Midi Music Club  
KN1200 Patches  
KN5000 Forum at Technote  
KN6000 Site  
Kurzweil Drummer's Kit  
Le sampling sur Akai S20  
M1 Homepage  
M1 Manual  
Matrix 1000 Page  
Matrix6 - Music Machines  
Matrix6/6R/1000 Cheat Sheet  
MC-202 Homepage  
MC-303 File Page  
MC-303/505 - Groovebox Webring  
MemoryMOOG Library  
MemoryMOOG Users Group  
Midi Hell  
Midiverb 4 Sysex Codes  
Mini Moog Manuals  
MKS-50 Page  
Modular MOOG Synth Repair  
Moog Archives  
MorphEdit Page  
MPC-2000 - Why I Love/Hate  
MPX-100 Editor Librarian  
MPX-100 Patch Selector  
MPX-500 Review at Keyboard  
MS-10 Page  
Music Machine Kawai Page  
Music Machine's ARP Page  
Music Machine's Fatman Page  
Music Machines  
Music Machines - Doepfer  
Music Machines Casio Page  
Music Machines Ensoniq Page  
Music Machines Novation Page  
Music Machines Peavey Page  
Nanosynth - Bryan's Nanosynth Page  
Nord Modular - Advanced Techniques  
Nord Modular - Bergmuller  
Nord Modular - Blue Hell's Nord Modular Page  
Nord Modular - Digital Sound Cabinet  
Nord-L Mailing List Page  
NordLead Random Patch Generator  
Nova Users Place  
Odyssey Info Resource  
Pacific Innovative Electronics  
PAiA Fatman  
Patchman Music  
PC-1600 & PC-1600x User Page  
PC-1600 Patches  
Poly 6 Page  
Polymorph Patches - Low Audio  
Pro-One Homepage  
Prophet 3000  
PSR 400/500 Users Page  
PSR-620 Page  
Pulse - Soundpool  
QS300 Resources Page  
Quadrasynth Page  
Quasimidi Articles  
Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Review  
Quasimidi Raven Forum  
QY70 FAQ  
QY70 Mailing List  
QY70 Page  
RAP-10 FAQ  
Rave-o-lution : The Unofficial Quasimidi 309 Page  
Raymond PMC-10 Backup  
Reviews of Peavey Equipment  
Rhodes Help Desk  
Rhodes Info Site  
RM1x Homepage  
S3 Page  
Sirius - Quasimidi Sirius Forum  
Solton Club  
Solton Mailing List  
Solton Players List  
Sonicstates's Peavey Page  
SP Resources  
Spectrum Synth Site  
SQ-80 List  
SQ80/ESQ1 - Ensoniq Heaven  
Studio Electronics Web Site  
SY-77 Discussion  
SY-99 Sound Archive  
SY-99 Users Site  
Synth Fool Patch Sheets  
Synth Museum - Crumar  
Synthaholic's Fatman Site  
Synthesizer Network  
TB-303 Operation Manual  
The (Unofficial) PSR-8000 Site  
The (Unofficial) PSR-9000 Site  
The Rhodes Method  
Tout pour mon Solton  
TR-707 Manual  
TR-909 Online Manual  
TR-909 Resources  
TS Station  
TX16W Homepage  
Unofficial Bit One/Bit 99/Bit-01 Page  
Unofficial E-mu ESI2000 Web Site  
VFX-SD Mailing List  
VSM Oberheim Page  
W5 W7 Workstation  
Waldorf-Q Page  
WK-4 - Gem WK-4 Homepage  
WK-4 Homepage  
X5 information  

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